Sunday, 25 October 2015

LUSH CHRISTMAS LE: Haul and Review

Today I wanna show you what I have bought from the Lush Christmas limited edition. Even though I think you just HAVE to love Lush because of their cruelty-free policy I always get a little more excited when they release their LEs. Especially for Christmas, when you can count on festive products.I also added the avocado co-wash to the list which is not part of the LE but new to their sortiment, so I thought when I am already doing a haul/review I might as well talk about that, too :)

The icing on the cake roulade

The icing on the cake roulade is a bonbon pink solid shower smoothie with glitter. It actually shares a scent with the shower gel Ponche I was told, but I have never tried that one personally. I really like the scent. It is kind of sweet, but somehow also very fresh. The reason for that might be the almond milk, chestnut puree and orange, lime and lemon peel. It rather sounds like a smoothie you would drink, but it definetely is one for the shower! :) At first I had some doubts on how a solid shower smoothie would work, but now I am more than thrilled about it. The roulade produces a very thick smooth which makes it easy to massage across the body and leaves the skin incredibly good smelling, even hours after the shower.

Avocado co-wash

The avocado co-wash is the newest addition to the sortiment of solid shampoos. I already tried one solid shampoo before (Jason and the argan oil) and wanted to try a new one after I used that one up. This shampoo looks more like a piece of cake and sure does smell like one. The scent is heavenly. It smells like lemoncake dough with a shot of butter-vanilla-aroma. In the hair the scent seriously lasts forever! In the shower however it is not that easy to spread on the hair. Of the other solid shampoo I was used to it producing a bit of foam that you at least knew where you already have shampoo.This one doesn't almost produce any foam. So the first time I was rather confused if I covered everything in shampoo for my hair to get clean. However after you rinse it out, the hair feels really clean and silky.

Bûche de Noel

Bûche de Noel is a face cleanser made of festice ingredients like cranberries, brandy and satsumas. It has a very subtle, pleasant scent of marzipan. By adding a little water it becomes a really nice paste which is super easy to work into the skin. Aftwerwards the skin feels radiant and nourished. Maybe this is even my favourite of the Christmas LE (I might have to buy some more to have them in stock :D )

The cranberry face mask

This festive mask gives you an instant feeling of a relaxing Spa day. The scent is very refreshing but calming at the same time. You have to keep it in the fridge so at the time when you apply it, it cools your skin. The mask has an antioxidant effect due to the cranberries and nourishes the skin with argan oil, fennel seeds and rose clay leaves. It leaves the skin matte and soft and additionally removes the reddish undertone of the skin (as far as you have one).

Santa's belly

This shower gelly is definetely the funniest purchase of all. It basically feels like rubbing jello onto your skin :D It is made of vegan red wine and apple juice which gives it its slightly sour, refreshing scent. It has the typical dark red colour of wine and little stars inside so that you are directly in Christmas mood. It produces a nice foam and cleanses the body very well. Like that showering is quite funny!


  1. Lush Produkte sind wirklich toll. Ich habe mir erst letztens wieder Produkte von der Marke gekauft & finde die Sachen einfach super. Sie duften so super & halten dazu noch was sie versprechen, einfach super.

    Liebe Grüße :)

    1. Ja genau! :) Vor allem halten sich die Düfte richtig lange!

  2. Lush hat doch wirklich ein paar tolle Produkte im Laden :D
    Liebst, Katja

  3. schöner Blog =) ich bin dir gleich mal gefolgt =)
    ich finde die Produkte von Lush auch toll, muss mir nochmal welche kaufen ^^ =)

    PS. würde mich freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen und bei Gefallen ebenfalls folgen würdest =)

    1. Ohh vielen lieben Dank!! :) Bin dir gleich zurück gefolgt.:-)

  4. Ich liebe Lush! Sind wirklich schöne Produkte, die du da hast :)

    Ganz liebe Grüße <3

  5. Lush ist einfach mega ...
    Tierversuchsfrei und meistens auch noch vegan - ich liebe es!

    PS: Ich persönlich fände es super wenn du 2 Sprachig bloggst. Viele deiner Leser scheinen ja Deutsch zu sprechen/lesen.


  6. Uiii was für eine schöne Ausbeute. Ich muss mir auch mal wieder ein paar Lush Sachen kaufen.
    Liebe Grüße

  7. wow jetzt schon eine Weihnachts LE?! :O

  8. Oh Lush! ♥ Ich muss unbedingt auch mal mehr von den Produkten testen :)

    Liebe Grüße,


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